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Hokitika Collision Centre is the best place to come when you need urgent, affordable and comprehensive auto repair services. Our mechanics are specialists in repairing any vehicle damage to your interior or exterior, regardless of your insurance status. We specialise in spray painting, panel beating, and related car repairs.


Here are answers to frequently asked questions about our services:

Can I rely on your services for insurance repairs to my vehicle?

Yes, Hokitika Collision Centre services the entire West Coast and surrounding areas of New Zealand. If you are in an auto accident and your repairs are covered by a valid insurance policy, bring in your vehicle to our shop. We will help you process your insurance claim, you can take advantage of our services as per the terms of your policy. We also assist clients with auto repairs if they are not covered by any warranty.

I cannot drive my car to your shop. What should I do?

Hokitika Collision Centre can help you get in touch with a reliable towing service company to have your vehicle towed to our location. It’s a modest expense and the safest way to get your car moved without causing any further damage to its interior or exterior.

What is the difference between Hokitika Collision Centre and other repair shops?

At our shop, we take great pride in using the best materials and the latest techniques to provide a superior repair service. We are a locally owned and operated business with limited overheads, enabling us to charge our clients reasonable rates for all services.


We will do a superior job in getting your vehicle back to its optimal condition. With our panel beating and spray painting work, once the job is finished you will not be able to tell your vehicle was ever damaged.

What parts do you use during repairs?

There are two kinds of parts we can use to repair your vehicle. They are either OEM parts, which are original manufacturer parts. Or we use aftermarket parts, which are manufactured by third parties. We always try to use OEM parts but you can rest assured that any aftermarket parts are the best quality available in the country.

Will your spray painting match the original colour?

Yes, our spray painting is done with exceptional equipment, machinery and techniques. There will be no way of telling that a section of your vehicle was spray painted due to body damage, scratch marks or the paint peeling off.

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